Papia Kabir

Legal intern

I am currently working for Woodcock Law and Notary Public as a Legal Intern. Since joining the Canary Wharf team in February 2021, I have assisted with document handling, aiding the notarial services and the legalisation of documents in liaison with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and have contributed to the firms’ blog on both immigration and notarial matters.

My academic background includes an LLM postgraduate degree from BPP University, which I completed in September 2020 and specialised in Employment Law. My current interests lie in Immigration Law and the changing nature of the UK immigration system post Brexit. My interests outside of law include working part-time as a Library Assistant at Queen Mary University of London, where I also completed my undergraduate studies!

I intend to train as a fee-earning Paralegal in the near future, with the aspiration of qualifying as a Solicitor in the next few years.

Hosna Huquqi

Legal intern

Hosna Huquqi is a Law graduate from City, University of London with a Second Class Upper (2:1) and currently studying the SQE course to qualify as a solicitor in the next few years. 

Before joining Woodcock Law & Notary Public, Hosna completed work placements with other leading Immigration firms. Having gained experience working alongside specialist immigration lawyers, she has developed a genuine passion for the profession and her long- term plans are to become an immigration and family law solicitor.

Through studying and training Hosna has gained knowledge in legal research and the administrative tasks involved in various fields of law.  She has experience in prioritising duties involving a comprehensive range of office support and assistance with the process, retrieval and management of legal data, and resilient working in highly pressurised conditions.

Kateisha Minors

Legal intern

My name is Kateisha “Kat” Minors. I grew up in the Caribbean but moved to the UK in the early 2000s, where I spent most of my time in London. I am a passionate person with great intuition and believes in the virtues of honesty, hardworking and being my best self not only for me but others as well.

By the time I was 5, I already had experiences in business, i.e., approaching people and sharing information about our products at the time and attracting customers.   

These experiences laid the ground rules for many years later and played a role in me achieving firstly, a BA Hons in Business and Management and later a Masters in International Business at the London School of Commerce / London School of Business and Law, respectively, graduating with not only a 2.1 grade average but also distinctions in various subject areas.     

Although I have studied business and I have more than 20 years’ experience, my passion was always law. To kick-start my legal journey, I dived into areas of study such as:

  • General Law 
  • Family Law
  • Legal Studies, Laws and the Judicial system 
  • Legal Studies: The Adversary Trial System (Revised) 
  • Understanding Financial Contracts 
  • Corporate Governance
  • Introduction to Contract Law
  • Fundamentals Of Business Law
  • Legal Studies in general
  • Employee – Employer
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Diploma Coupled with the areas I have studied above, I have also recently completed a CPD-recognised, Paralegal Practice and Management Course With Bradstone Allington.  

I am very excited to work in the field of Immigration as this area resonates with me and is deep-rooted in my own immigration experiences. 

As I become more proficient in the field of law, my goal is to become one of the best solicitors there is, with the hope of one day becoming a judge.  

Samantha Lang

Legal intern

My name is Samantha Lang. I am an enthusiastic and ambitious LPC Graduate. Having completed a neuroscience degree at the University of Bristol with 2:1, I knew I did not want a career in a lab. I was driven instead by a client-facing career where I could utilise my research and critical analysis skills to help individuals and I subsequently pursued the GDL course. Having completed the GDL and LPC with Distinction at the University of Law (Bristol), I am confident a career in law is the perfect fit for me.

As a hardworking, diligent, and passionate law graduate, my ambition is to begin my legal journey as a paralegal to eventually become a qualified solicitor and expert in my chosen field. I am eager to start my legal career so that I can utilise my interpersonal skills and continuously build strong relationships. 

Outside of my interest in the law, sports and fitness are fundamental to me; I achieved a sports scholarship to Canford School and played against local law firms during my time on the Netball Society. I also have a passion for cooking; I enjoy learning new recipes, making my own and exploring my creativity. In 2014, I organised a fundraiser event for a charity in Tanzania, catering for 40 people.

My academic background includes an LLM postgraduate degree from BPP University, which I completed in September 2020 and specialised in Employment Law. My current interests lie in Immigration Law and the changing nature of the UK immigration system post Brexit. My interests outside of law include working part-time as a Library Assistant at Queen Mary University of London, where I also completed my undergraduate studies!

I intend to train as a fee-earning Paralegal in the near future, with the aspiration of qualifying as a Solicitor in the next few years.

Sadiqul Islam

Legal intern

I am Sadiqul Islam, and I aspire to become an Immigration Solicitor.

My current education background is that I am an LLB graduate and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the evening whilst I juggle working as a Teaching Assistant at Westminster City School.

I also work at Walgreen Boots as a Healthcare Advisor and have been for the last 4 years so if you need health-related advice, you know where to look.

My current legal interests are within the field of Immigration law because it will always and has always had an impact worldwide.

Immigration and the legal aspect of dealing with the authentication of documents have been a part of history and has worldwide effects which make me interested in this niche field in particular.

During my spare time, I partake in Korean Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB and Bollywood dancing at Base Dance Studios. While it is difficult to master the art of memorising choreography, the time has allowed me to become a better dancer. I am an avid gym-goer because I believe a balanced life is the most fulfilling life.

Audrey Bakenda-Ilomba

Legal intern

I became passionate about the English Legal System while studying law during my A-levels. I went on to complete a week-long work experience at Matrix Chambers where I shadowed barristers, attended court hearings at the Royal Court of Justice and summarised supreme court cases.  

After attending a tester day at the University of Law where we examined the Oscar Pistorius case, I decided to study Law and French law at the University of Leeds with a year abroad in France. 

Following graduation, I enrolled and successfully completed a CPD-accredited paralegal professional course with Bradstone Allington. There I was introduced to the practical side of several legal sectors such as family law, conveyancing, and company law. 

Currently, I am a legal intern at Woodcock Law & Notary Public. I have had the opportunity to learn more about commercial immigration, write blogs and receive training about consultation. I am also studying the Legal Practice Course with a master’s in business law part-time at BPP University. 

I hope to secure a training contract and become a qualified solicitor. 

I am passionate about French pastries and triathlon because it combines three of my favourite sports and it requires a great degree of endurance. 

Chimere Nwaegbu

Legal intern

Chimere graduated with a 2:1 in Law from the University of Leicester in July of last year and has recently completed a CPD in Paralegal Profession and Management.

She aspires to be a solicitor in the future, representing her very own cases and clients, specialising in Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.

Her strengths include legal research and analysis, managing projects in a timely manner and passion for the law.

Chimere’s passion began after reading Is eating people wrong? in 2014. Ever since, she has been drawn to the dynamic, ever-changing and challenging legal industry, and plans to make a difference in the future.

She enjoys writing legal commentary on her blog, volunteering at her local church, reading and swimming.

Chimere is eager to learn, grow and develop her professional skills at our firm and hopes to continue as a Paralegal after her internship.

Jaromir Toth

Legal intern

In the summer of 2020 I graduated from City, University of London with a 2:1 honours degree in law. During my time at university, I secured a place on the Common Purpose Global Leadership Programme, in which we travelled to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Working with other local and international students, our goal was to propose innovative ways that would help combat social, environmental, and economic issues affecting the people of Vietnam.

I hope to complete the LPC to become a fully qualified solicitor. I aspire to work in London as I believe that the location will offer me with countless experiences, ranging from exploring my career interests to undertaking new hobbies.

I am also highly passionate in exploring intellectual property law due to the importance of protecting individuals’ intellectual creations, such as music, inventions and designs.

Outside of law, my hobbies include travelling and video editing.

Melina Zoanetti

Legal intern

My name is Melina, I am 25 years old, and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I did my Bachelor’s in Law at Buenos Aires University, with a corporate and commercial specialisation which I finished in 2018. 

I worked at a bank for 5 years in the corporate legal department providing legal assistance to the BST SA attorney’s team, working with financial partners focused on global agreements, trust, smart contracts, merger & acquisitions, and other regulatory matters. 

In 2019, I moved to London, took a gap year to gain cultural knowledge, expand my horizons and find what really brings me joy and happiness. Last year, I had the opportunity to work as a legal researcher for a financial company participating in the analysis of different companies’ annual disclosures and helping to identify and report environmental, social and governance risk concerns which I am deeply passionate about. 

My friends would describe me as an extremely motivated and active person. My curiosity takes me to different places every day, I love challenges which put me out of my comfort zone and push me to be a better person and a better professional.

Roshni Shah

Legal intern

My name is Roshni Shah and I recently graduated from De Montfort University whereby I obtained a First-Class degree in LLB Law, Human Rights & Social Justice. Though the course I studied was intensive and comprised of a large array of in-depth research surrounding the complexities and application of the various laws identified and used in different legal sectors, due to my ever-growing passion and dedication for law, I was able to flourish and portray my passion through the quality of the work I produced and my ability to go above and beyond to exceed in any targets I had been set. 

I am currently beginning my internship with Woodcock Law which will enable me to put the legal skills and knowledge I have obtained into practice in order to obtain a wider understanding of the way in which immigration law is applied to real life scenarios. I am looking forward to being able to work alongside qualified lawyers at the firm who will be able to provide me with further guidance and advice as to how I can continuously exceed in my role as a paralegal, whilst also providing me with an insight into the role and life of a lawyer. Due to having worked in several retail stores part-time whilst growing up, my ability to effectively communicate with clients, as well as being able to work under pressure in timely conditions will be of a consistently high standard. 

I aspire to become a solicitor in the nearby future, thus upon completion of my internship, I will be enrolling onto the Legal Practice Course in order to be provided with the qualifications necessary for the role I intend to take on. I consider this internship to be a huge stepping stone into the direction and sector I am looking to obtain a career in as I am also hoping to specialise in immigration law and strongly believe my commitment and desire to succeed will prove effective not just for myself, but for the firm too. 

Uchenna Kagha

Legal intern

My name is Uchenna Kagha. I am currently completing the Legal Practice Course at University of Law having graduated from Keele University with a Second Class Upper (2:1) in Law studies. I also studied a Masters in International Relations at Queen Mary University, graduating with a Merit.

My interests for the legal system stems from my household as growing up I was mentored first-hand by lawyers. Furthermore, I chose the law path as my desire to follow rules align perfectly. I undertook internships to help gain experience in the commercial world and put what I have learned to practice in a legal setting. I aim to promote the interests of clients to the highest standard whilst reaching great heights as a lawyer.

This firm aligns perfectly with my career goals of operating in the Immigration sector of law. This is a challenging field and demands dedication and hard work to ensure the delivery of success when filing for immigration purposes. I am particularly thankful for the opportunity as it suggests that trainee lawyers are equally as important to the firm’s long-term success. This encourages my knowledge of the firm being the ideal place to develop as a lawyer. 

Also, my experience working in a foreign country means I will provide insights and perceptions when necessary. I aim to further the company’s interests and contribute towards the company’s goals and objectives to ensure its success and longevity.  

During my internships, I developed outgoing communication skills as the legal sector deals with human relationships and I aim to foster relationships between clients and the firm. I have a high work ethic and a determination for full commitment to legal practice. My attention to detail allows me to research in depth on law related matters in regard to Immigration. I am committed to deciphering challenging tasks and do not stop until my goal is achieved no matter the cost.

Adam Brammar

Legal intern

I am a history graduate from the University of Bristol and a GDL graduate from the University of Law. As an undergraduate I specialised in socioeconomic European and American history from the early modern period through to post-modernism. Whilst studying the GDL my favourite topics were tort, contract and company law, but professionally I am open-minded regarding legal specialisation. My career ambitions are to qualify as a commercial solicitor and either move in-house or progress up the career ladder at a commercial law firm.

Outside of academia and law, I regularly go running and I am working towards completing a marathon. As a form of relaxation, I practice yoga and meditation as well as play classical guitar. Seasonally I enjoy surfing, skiing and sailing and I hope to continue doing these activities in new countries that I have not yet visited. I also enjoy walking holidays in places like the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.

Intellectually I am interested in the stock market, sports, the environment, and physics to name a few key interests. In my downtime I read classic novels and love to binge-watch TV series or movies. Finally, in pre-COVID times I spent my spare time catching up with friends in pubs and restaurants.

Miraala Magumba

Legal intern

Miraala Magumba is a legal intern with an honour’s degree in BSc Sociology, and recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Law. 

Before joining Woodcock Law and Notary Public, Miraala worked as a Business Administrator, delivering customer service, formulating reports and researching company data. She gained strong interpersonal and analytical reasoning skills which will benefit her legal journey.  

Her career interests centre around human rights and the right to privacy and security. She wishes to advance in her career by becoming a paralegal in an organisation that promotes human rights and eventually studying the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) whilst working.

She can speak English and two of the dominant languages in Uganda, Luganda and Lusoga. Miraala thrives from learning and believes that the best satisfaction comes from helping others. She enjoys creative problem solving, travelling, and socialising with friends. 

Leticia Vorrath

Legal intern

I am a 2017 law graduate from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) in São Paulo, Brazil. During my university years, I worked as intern for two law offices.

I have also worked for a social project that has helped people who cannot afford judicial support, and assisted in areas of immigration, family and criminal law. 

In 2016 I decided to work for a law office that deals with family law, including wills, divorce, and child support.

My role as an intern included talking to clients, updating cases and files, organising documents, attending meetings, and filing forms with the court. This made me more passionate about working in the legal field.

In my opinion, working as a paralegal is about research, assisting clients with their cases, and helping people. 

I see myself learning more, expanding my career with every opportunity.


Woodcock Notary Public offers a full Chinese Notarisation service including all the necessary steps to legalise UK-issued documents for use in China.

Contact us if you need any assistance on 0800 049 2471 or email

Woodcock Notary Public offers a full Chinese Notarisation service including all the necessary steps to legalise UK-issued documents for use in China.

Contact us if you need any assistance on 0800 049 2471 or email