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If you are applying for a visa to work, study or visit your family in China, the Chinese authority may require documents issued in the United Kingdom to be legalised by the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

Documents that commonly need notarisation and legalisation include University Degree certificates, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Proof of Criminal convictions (usually a DBS or ACRO certificate) or Corporate Documents (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation).

The procedure for the notarisation of Chinese documents needs to be completed in two steps. First, the documents must be notarised by a notary and legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and second, the legalised documents must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.

Woodcock Notary Public will ensure that all the correct steps are followed to ensure that your documents comply with the rules and regulations of the Chinese Embassy.

Processing times at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) includes a standard and express option. Our FCO standard service is running on a 2-3-day turnaround processing timeframe for any non-urgent matters. We also offer a premium same-day service for FCO Apostille Legalisation in London, provided we receive your documents before 9am on the day the process is due to take place.

Processing times at the Chinese embassy includes a standard option (5-10 working days) and an express option (2-3 days).

Woodcock Notary Public offers on-demand Notary Public Services and is available for free consultations over the phone 24/7.

As part of our bespoke service, we meet clients at their business or home address to provide a more direct and personal approach to meetings.

For further queries, or to arrange your legalisation, please call 0800 049 2471 or email notary@woodcocknotarypublic.com