Woodcock Notary Public provides a convenient mobile notarial service, not only visiting clients in their homes and offices,
but also at hotels, coffee shops, hospitals and even prisons.

According to, there were over 9,000 foreign national offenders in prisons in the UK in 2019, making up approximately 11% of the prison population. It comes as no surprise that these prisoners at times need the services of a Notary Public.

We understand that being incarcerated is a stressful time for prisoners and their families but are here to provide support through offering our personal notarial support services.

These are all undertaken in the strictest confidence and in keeping with money laundering regulations. 

As a Notary Public, we authenticate documents for use in foreign jurisdictions where a solicitor’s authentication would not be accepted by the foreign authority or institution. There are many prisoners in Her Majesty’s Prison Service prison system who are foreign nationals from all over the world.

Here is a list of common notarial services provided to prisoners in England and Wales.

  1. Powers of attorney
  2. Property transactions
  3. Administration of oaths and declarations
  4. Attest to the execution and signature of documents
  5. Child travel consent

How do I organise a Notary Public prison visit?

We are usually contacted for an appointment by a family member, friend, or lawyer of the prisoner. 

We will need to know what documents need to be notarised, and whether they need legalisation or not. It may be helpful to scan and email your documents to us to ensure that everything is in order before the visit takes place. 

We will provide a quote, confirm the appointment, and request a copy of the prison ID.

We can then book an official visit online to call on someone in prison. This is different to a social visit, as it is confidential in nature and is reserved for legal advisers and other professionals, such as a notary. 

We will need a Visiting Order (VO) completed by the prisoner and sent to us. This contains a unique reference number and will state the name, date of birth and address of the Notary Public who will be visiting.

What happens during the visit?

When our Notary Public arrives at the prison, they present their VO, as well as their identification. All personal possessions, apart from documents and notary equipment is left in a private locker in the visitor’s area of the prison.

The visit then proceeds in private.

Our Notary Public first identifies the prisoner by their prison IDs, instead of traditional proof of identity such as passports or drivers’ licences.

The notarial service then proceeds in the same way as any other appointment or client. 

If we are witnessing your signature, we will ensure that you understand what you are signing, and that you are signing of your own free will. We will also ensure that the document notarisation is executed correctly under our watch.

Legalisation and Apostille

In some cases, the notarised document needs to be sent for legalisation. In this case, we will take the document with us and submit it to the FCDO on your behalf. We will email a scan of the completed document and either return the original once it has been legalised, or courier the document abroad on your behalf.


Woodcock Law & Notary Public is highly experienced in assisting with prison visits.

Contact us if you need any assistance on 0800 049 2471 or email


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