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Sponsor Licences – Responsibilities

Here’s the final video in our current series about Sponsor Licences.

In this video, we look at the responsibilities of Sponsor Licence holders. In order to maintain an A-rated licence, it is important that sponsor businesses follow these rules.


A Guide to Sponsor Licences – An Introduction

Here’s part one of our guide to Sponsor Licences.

In this video, we explain what Sponsor Licences are and how they can benefit your business – including a short case study.


UK visa routes for businesses: what you need to know

Want to start a business in the UK? There are multiple visa routes that businesses can take. We break down what each one is, whether they’re applicable to your business and how you get in contact with us for expert advice.


Webinar: What employers need to know after Brexit

The UK has left the EU and the Brexit transition period is over.

We at Woodcock Law have been extremely busy helping businesses and big corporates to prepare for the UK’s new Immigration System that came into effect on 1 January 2021 following Brexit.

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