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Are You Entitled To Free NHS Health Care?

Are you entitled to free NHS health care? Not everyone is. The Ordinarily Residence Tool is used to help the authorities assess an individual’s entitlement to NHS services. Immigrants living in the UK and some British citizens (who have lived abroad and are returning to settle) will need to pass the test.


How to Become a Health Care Assistant in the UK 2022 | Get Your UK Visa Half Price

You could be eligible for a 12-month Health and Care visa to work in the UK. Your job could be eligible for the UK Government’s half-price visa offer if you match the criteria. This visa is a pathway to permanent residence in the UK and is guaranteed to be fast-tracked. Talk to us today if you would like to become a care assistant in the UK.


Everything you need to know about the UK Health and Care Visa in 2021

The Health and Care Visa enables medical professionals to come and work and live in the UK in an eligible job with the NHS or NHS-related bodies.

This webinar will help you begin to understand the principles of the process, enabling you to recruit the specialist talent you require while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

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