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Sponsor Licences – Responsibilities

Here’s the final video in our current series about Sponsor Licences.

In this video, we look at the responsibilities of Sponsor Licence holders. In order to maintain an A-rated licence, it is important that sponsor businesses follow these rules.


A Guide to Sponsor Licences – An Introduction

Here’s part one of our guide to Sponsor Licences.

In this video, we explain what Sponsor Licences are and how they can benefit your business – including a short case study.


The NEW UK Expansion Worker Visa – Explained

The UK Expansion Worker visa has been introduced as part of the UK government’s Global Business Mobility Visas. The new route replaces the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa, which closed to new applicants on 11 April 2022.


Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor Licence Holder

If the business you run is a sponsor licence holder, it’s important you are aware of the responsibilities that come with them.

Sponsor licences require regular management. Though they probably won’t take daily work, they cannot be left alone. The Home Office requires your business to have an up to date and workable way of monitoring, reporting, and keeping records.


Home Office Fee Waiver – Explained

The Home Office Fee Waiver ensures that anyone who cannot afford fees can still apply for leave to remain, based on grounds of Human Rights. This is provided for those applying from within the UK.


UKVCAS Application Guide – What you need to know

UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services, often referred to as UKVCAS, is the system the UK Government uses for processing immigration applications made from inside the UK for further leave to stay in the country. Here’s our quick guide to applications and appointments.

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