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How Commonwealth citizens can to live, work and study in the UK

How can Commonwealth citizens live, work and study in the UK?

Some Non-British individuals from Commonwealth countries have the right of abode in the UK. The right of abode is a type of UK immigration status. It is valid for life and cannot expire.

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How To Become A British Citizen

Becoming a British Citizen can be a lengthy process. There are several requirements set by the Home Office that you need to fulfil. We explain what you need to know in 50 seconds.


How to apply for Naturalisation in the UK in 2021

Naturalisation in the UK is often the main goal for people that come here as immigrants. Most often, you need to live in the UK for an extended period before you become eligible. Becoming naturalised means you have the full rights of a UK citizen and can live here as long as you want.

ILR is also an important step of the process, which this webinar will also go through.


SELT Secure English Language Test in 2021

An SELT is a secure English language test. It’s a test that’s offered at an approved test centre and, if you pass it, it proves you proficiency in the English language. This is something many visas in the UK explicitly require.

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