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We have helped many clients with their UK visa and immigration matters.

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Mrs K

Matter: Spouse Visa and Child Dependant Applications

Turn around time: 7 months for the Spouse Visa, ongoing for the eldest child

Successful outcome: Yes

At the time Mrs K contacted us, she had recently got married to her husband who already worked in the UK and wanted to live in the UK with him and her four children.

She had a 60-minute consultation with Nathan Woodcock, our principal solicitor. During this consultation, they discussed her situation, and what her options were. Nathan helped her with the best guidance he could give, and they ultimately settled on the Spouse Visa and Child Dependant Visa.

One of her children was getting close to turning 18, so time was of the essence. Once she turned 18, it would be harder for her to get a visa to come to the UK, as she would no longer be able to get a visa as a dependant. Therefore, her application was submitted at the same time as Mrs K’s, so that she would hopefully receive her visa in time. 

There were some extra difficulties, as before their applications could receive a decision, the Home Office asked for extra information to see if Mrs K met the financial requirements. For a Spouse Visa, the individual resident in the UK must earn a certain amount of money for their spouse to be able to join them.

We supported Mrs K throughout the entire process, and wrote a Letter of Representation. This letter highlighted how the Spouse Visa’s financial requirements had been met. We submitted the letter within the deadline they provided to us, and then Mrs K and her children were granted their visas.

During Mrs K’s case, we assisted her every step of the way to ensure that she got the outcome that she wanted.

Mr M

Matter: Skilled Worker Visa

Turn around time: 6 months

Successful outcome: Yes

Mr M contacted us for assistance with applying for a Skilled Worker Visa from within the UK. He wanted to swap to the Skilled Worker Visa from a Student Visa, which was still possible within the immigration rules at the time.

He worked for a company that wanted him to switch visas so they could give him a more permanent role. However, the process was not simple; a few issues were encountered on the way.

First, his employer and sponsor did not have any Certificates of Sponsorship left to hand out, so we had to assist them by requesting a Certificate of Sponsorship allocation increase. It took many weeks for more certificates to be allocated, which delayed Mr M’s application.

After this issue had been resolved, we encountered another problem: Mr M’s BRP card was close to expiring at the end of the month. The delay with the certificates made it so we had less time to get everything sorted in time for the expiry date. There was no other way to deal with this issue other than to be quick.

Then, a third and final issue was discovered. Mr M’s admissions team at university were not releasing his final grade on his results’ transcript. Before he could swap to a Skilled Worker Visa, he needed to have officially completed his studies. This includes having been issued with your final mark, so it is known if you have passed or not. There was pressure from the sponsor, and also the client, to get the documents uploaded onto his biometrics profile. It was natural that they would be worried about time running out, but all we could do was wait until the results came back.

Eventually, Mr M’s results were released with little time to spare, and just 5 days before his BRP card expired, we submitted his application to the Home Office. His application was successful, and he got his Skilled Worker Visa, allowing him to begin a new chapter in the UK.

Company P

Matter: Sponsor Licence application

Turn around time: 6 months

Successful outcome: Yes

The owner of Company P contacted us in July 2023 about getting a Sponsor Licence for his PR company. They had a one hour long consultation with our principal solicitor, Nathan Woodcock. In this, he discussed with them what their situation was, and what steps they could take moving forward.

Over the next few weeks, we collected and verified the supporting documents that companies are required to provide when they apply for a Sponsor Licence, whilst also creating a draft of Company P’s application. The types of documents that have to be submitted vary based on the type of company, and what type of visa their potential employees hold. It takes great care and legal expertise to ensure that all the documents are provided, and are correct.

Once we had all of their documents and everything was nearly ready, Nathan looked over everything one last time just to make sure that we had everything we needed. It is important to take great care when applying for visas or Sponsor Licences. If a Sponsor Licence application is refused, you will have to go through the whole process all over again and pay the application fee again.

Finally, we had one last meeting with Company P, in which we submitted their application with them. They were successfully granted a Sponsor Licence, and could now begin handing out Certificates of Sponsorship to prospective employees they want to bring to the UK.

Due to how well we worked together for their Sponsor Licence application, Company P asked us for further assistance in getting Sponsor Licences for their restaurants, and to also assist with Skilled Worker Visa applications.

So far, we have strived to provide them with the high quality service that they have come to expect from us after assisting them with their Sponsor Licence application.

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