What to expect in your immigration consultation

Solicitors can help you navigate the difficulties of your legal issues, including problems related to UK immigration.

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A solicitors consultation is a useful way to try and solve and legal issues you may have. Some of the issues solicitors can help you with include buying a house, making a will, getting divorced, starting a business, solving a dispute between you and another party, or any immigration issues you may have.

Woodcock Law & Notary Public are specialists in immigration law. We can offer legal advice, answer your questions, and tell you what visa routes are available to you. We will treat your case with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

How Woodcock can help you

Initial assessment

First, you must book an assessment. We have a free, 10-minute solicitor assessment where we can discuss your case over the phone and see what we might be able to offer. 

This call does not involve any legal advice, it is for deciding whether we can assist you and gain a better understanding of your situation.

During this screening call, we ask about your current immigration status and your immigration history; then we will advise you about the paid consultation, including the fees involved.

Paid consultation

Following the screening call, you can book a full, paid consultation with one of our solicitors. Unlike the free consultation, during the paid consultation, you will receive legal advice.

Please provide as much information as you possibly can so we can help you to the best of our abilities during your solicitors consultation.

There are two options.

  • 30 minute consultation at £230.
  • 1 hour consultation at £350.

The paid consultation process has these steps.

  1. An introduction.
  2. An explanation about your current situation and a full comprehensive understanding of your immigration history.
  3. We advise you on what options you have from a UK immigration perspective.
  4. We discuss and plan the next steps to decide on what actions to take and what legal fees will be involved.
  5. Start the onboarding process (issuing of client care letters and the initial invoice).

Following this, our experienced team can proceed to help you solve your immigration issues.

Contact us

Woodcock Law are experts on immigration law, and we are here to help you with all UK Visa enquiries. View our testimonials page to see how much customer satisfaction matters to us.

Contact us online now for your FREE 10-minute assessment.

If you would rather arrange your consultation over the phone, you can call us on 020 7712 1705.

The information contained on this page is sourced from UK Visas and Immigration and is subject to change. While Woodcock Law Limited makes every effort to keep this information current, prices and information cannot be guaranteed and should always be checked on www.gov.uk.

Complete our questionnaire to see if you are eligible for a UK visa. Then claim your free 10-minute appointment with one of our immigration experts.

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