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12 March 2024

A guide to the Minister of Religion Visa

Learn about the Minister of Religion Visa UK and under what circumstances you can get one.
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes
Drawings of people holding symbols of different religions to represent being in the UK on a Minister of Religion Visa.

The Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa UK is one of the few visas left from the old tier-based system of visas that has been replaced in recent years. It allows you to do pastoral work in the UK, such as working as a minister. 

It should not be confused with the Religious Worker Visa, which is a temporary worker visa. The Religious Worker Visa has different requirements, is easier to get and allows you to do religious work in a non-pastoral role.

What are the requirements for a Minister of Religion Visa?

The specific requirements for the Minister of Religion Visa are as follows:

  • Must have been offered a job in the UK within a faith. For example, as a minister, missionary, or member of a religious order.
  • Have a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your employer
  • Proof of your English language ability
  • Be over 18
  • Have proof of funds to show you can support yourself when you first arrive in the UK; this is at least £1,270 in your account
  • Provide tuberculosis test results if you are from a country listed as a risk

If your employer is supporting you financially, then this must be included on your Certificate of Sponsorship. In this case, you will not need to provide proof of funds.

How long does the visa last?

The Minister of Religion Visa UK lasts up to three years and one month, or whatever time is mentioned on your Certificate of Sponsorship, plus an extra 14 days.

You can also extend the visa for up to three years, the time on your certificate plus 14 days, or the time required to take your overall stay in the UK up to six years.

Proof of funds

As previously stated, you must have at least £1,270 in your bank account as proof of funds, if you are supporting yourself. 

However, there are more details regarding proof of funds. 

You will need to have had the money in your bank account for 28 days in a row, with the final day being within 31 days of when you make your application. 

This will not apply if you have already been in the UK for at least 12 months on another visa. 

Minister of Religion Visa UK dependants

On this visa, you can bring your partner and child. They must make their own separate application.

They must also provide their own proof of funds; however, this is lower than what the main applicant must have. 

The funds are:

  • £285 for your partner
  • £315 for one child
  • £200 for every additional child

These funds can be in your bank account, or your partner’s account.

What are the differences between the Minister of Religion Visa and the Religious Worker Visa?

Whilst we have already briefly mentioned the differences between the two visas, we have prepared a table to provide a more indepth comparison between them.

Comparison Minister of Religion Visa Religious Worker Visa
Length of stay Either 3 years and a month, or time given on your CoS plus 14 days 24 months, or time given on your CoS plus 28 days
Type of work Mainly pastoral Non-pastoral or at a religious order
Financial requirement £1,270 to support yourself £1,270 to support yourself
Application fee

Outside UK: £719

Inside UK: £827

£298 inside and outside the UK
Requires sponsorship Yes Yes
Contributes to settlement Yes No
Can bring dependants Yes Yes

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