International Agreement Worker Visa

The International Agreement Visa allows you to work covered by international law in the UK.

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Quick Look

You can stay for 2 years, or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 28 days.

Yes, and the sponsor needs to be registered to do so by the UK Home Office.

You are allowed to:

  • study, as long as it does not interfere with the job you’re sponsored for (an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate may be required for some courses)
  • work for a sponsoring organisation in the job described in your Certificate of Sponsorship
  • do a job on the Skilled Worker Shortage Occupation List for up to 20 hours per week (unless you are a private servant)
  • travel abroad and return to the UK
  • bring your partner and/or children with you, if eligible

You are not allowed to:

  • access any public funds/benefits
  • start working before you get your visa

International Agreement Worker Visa

You can apply for an International Agreement Visa if you’ll be contracted to do work covered by international law or treaty whilst you’re in the UK. 

Some examples of this would be if you were working:

  • for an overseas government or international organisation
  • as a private servant in a diplomatic household
  • in the household of someone who works for a ‘recognised international organisation’

This visa, which has replaced the International Agreement Worker visa (T5), also requires you to have a job offer from a government-approved employer. 


You can apply for a International Agreement visa if you:

  • have a certificate of sponsorship reference number
  • have enough money to support yourself in the UK (usually £1,270)
  • are 18 or over when you apply

To be covered by international law, your work in the UK must fit one of the descriptions listed at the top of this page. 

Certificate of Sponsorship

A certificate of sponsorship is a reference number that holds information on the job and your own personal details. It’s not an actual certificate or paper document. It’s a number that corresponds to the job you’ve been offered. 

As well as the reference number, your sponsor will also give you information to help you to apply for the visa, for example how much you’ll be paid. This helps to prove you meet the job and salary requirements for the visa. 

How long can you stay?

You can stay for 2 years, or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 28 days, whichever is shorter.

You can enter the UK up to 14 days before the start date of your job.

How much does it cost?

The application fee for each person applying is £259.

The fee is fixed, and does not change based on whether you apply from inside or outside the UK. 

You, along with any family members that come with you, will also each need to pay the healthcare surcharge (usually £624 per year) in addition to the base fee. 

Extra Information

With the International Agreement Visa, you are able to: 

  • study
  • work for your sponsor in the job described in your certificate of sponsorship
  • do a second job in the same sector and at the same level as your main job for up to 20 hours per week
  • do a job on the Skilled Worker shortage occupation list for up to 20 hours per week
  • bring your partner and children with you as your ‘dependants’, if they’re eligible

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