The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

The scheme allows sponsored Ukrainians and their families to live in the UK.

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The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme was introduced by the UK Government as part of its response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Ukrainian nationals have been fleeing Ukraine since Russian forces invaded the country in February 2022. 

In response to the war, many countries across the world have pledged their support to Ukraine and its people. Many have sent financial, military, and medical aid to Ukraine as well as putting plans into action to allow those fleeing the conflict access to their safe borders.

The UK is one of these countries, and has introduced a number of schemes that allow qualifying Ukrainians to stay in the UK with their family.

The UK’s main scheme is now the Homes for Ukraine scheme, which allows individuals and businesses to sponsor a Ukrainian national to come to the UK. All sponsors must first be registered and named under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.


There are requirements that must be met by you in order for you to be eligible for the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. You must either be a Ukrainian citizen or an immediate family member of a Ukrainian citizen who:

  • Has been residing in Ukraine on or immediately before 1 January 2022 (this includes those who have now left Ukraine)
  • Is currently outside the UK
  • Has a UK-based sponsor who is eligible for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.


What counts as an immediate family member?

An immediate family member under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme is defined as someone who is your:

  • Spouse or civil partner
  • Unmarried partner (who has been living with you as your partner for at least two years
  • Child under 18 years of age
  • Parent (if you are under 18)
  • Fiancé or proposed partner 

Please note: applicants to the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme will be subject to security checks. 

How long can successful applicants stay?

Individuals who come to the UK under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme will be able to stay for 18 months. This is provided you supply your biometrics within six months of arriving in the UK.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted online. The application itself also doubles up as a biometric document application.

You must upload a copy of the photograph page of your Ukrainian international passport as part of your application. If you are applying with an expired Ukrainian international passport you must upload a copy of the page where the formal extension stamp issued by the Ukrainian government is shown.

You must also provide documents that show the identity of your UK-based sponsor. For example, one of the below:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Biometric residence permit

If you have any, you should also provide proof that you were residing in Ukraine on or just before 1 January 2022.

More information about the application process can be found on the UK’s official website

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