Woodcock Law provides a range of visa and immigration services to both individuals and businesses for the UK.

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Sponsor Licences allow UK companies to employ foreign workers. We assist companies of all sizes in their successful application and management of their Sponsor Licences.

The GBM visas were introduced to encourage foreign organisations to expand their businesses to the UK, allowing them to relocate their employees more easily. We can help.

The Start-up and Innovator visas are for individuals who intend to set up and run their own business in the UK. We assist entrepreneurs in their successful applications of these visas.

British citizenship is a long-term goal for many immigrants in the UK. Many visa routes, though not all, can lead to permanent residency. We can help you find the right route for you, depending on your individual circumstances.

The UK visa system features a range of different routes, allowing individuals into the UK for all kinds of reasons. Each visa has its own rules and requirements. We can help you identify which would best suit your needs.

The Family Visa allows individuals to reunite with loved ones in the UK – whether a child, partner, parent, or an adult coming to be cared for by a relative.

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We assist both individuals and businesses with a range of notarial services. For more information about how we might be able to help, head over to our dedicated notary site.