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We are specialists in business and corporate immigration

We are specialists in business and corporate immigration; helping you to employ the international talent you need to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business. Whether you wish to recruit foreign workers or expand to the UK, our team is ready to assist you.

Sponsor Licences

Sponsor Licences allow UK companies to employ foreign workers. We assist companies of all sizes in their successful application and management of their Sponsor Licences.

Successful Sponsor Licence applications require companies to provide documents that prove their eligibility. We assess the eligibility of companies and diligently prepare documents before they are submitted to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI). This gives businesses the best chance of having their applications accepted. For more information, see Applications and Eligibility in the Visa Library.

We prepare businesses for visits from UK Visa & Immigration officials. Mock compliance audits are necessary in ensuring that Sponsor Licences are both successful, and maintained to an A-rated standard. To find more information, see Applications and Licence Ratings in the Visa Library.

The Authorising Officer is the person responsible for a company’s Sponsor Licence. They are the primary user of the government’s Sponsorship Management System (SMS) and are required to complete tasks relating to the licence (see Responsibilities). We train Authorising Officers and other staff in the use of the SMS to ensure they understand their duties. 

Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) are issued by sponsoring companies to prospective employees. It is important to check that the rate of pay for the role meets the requirements of the UK government.  We assist sponsors with certificates, ensuring that they are compliant and have the workers they need as soon as possible. Find out more about Sponsor Licences.

Sponsor organisations are required to update information on the government’s Sponsorship Management System (SMS). We update SMS accounts on the behalf of sponsors, ensuring that the changes are made properly and accurately. See Responsibilities for more information.

Sponsor Licences are valid for 4 years. We assist sponsors with their renewal applications. See Applications for more information.

UK Visas & Immigration has the ability to downgrade Sponsor Licences from an A-rating to a B-rating – see Licence Ratings. This restricts sponsors from issuing new Certificates of Sponsorship and requires them to sign up for an Action Plan (£1,476). We help companies rectify issues highlighted in the Action Plan.

Skilled Worker Visas

The Skilled Worker Visa is one of the most popular routes for workers to enter the UK. It allows skilled individuals to work for organisations in the UK with a valid Sponsor Licence.

It is important that Certificates of Sponsorship are issued to eligible individuals only. Failure to carry out checks can result in wasted time and money. Firstly, it is worth using the UK government’s Skilled Worker Points Calculator. We assist sponsors in checking the documents of prospective employees, further guaranteeing their eligibility. 

We assist prospective employees with their visa applications. We ensure that they are completed correctly, meaning that visas are granted as soon as possible by UK Visas & Immigration.

Documents are required by UK Visas & Immigration as proof of an individual’s eligibility for a particular visa route. Regarding Skilled Worker Visas, the required documentation will differ from role to role. We make sure that prospective employees have the documentation required, and that documents are valid.

Global Business Mobility (GBM)

The GBM Visas were introduced to encourage foreign organisations to expand their businesses to the UK, allowing them to relocate their employees more easily. We guide companies from around the world through the UK’s often complex, new visa routes. Find out more about Global Business Mobility Visas.

We can talk you through the initial queries you may have about the GBM Visas. If you are not sure how they work or if your business would benefit from one, we can fill in the blanks.

The application process for each of the GBM visas can be confusing if you have never done anything like this before. We have got the experience and the knowledge to guide you through your application.

You will need to submit various documents along with your application. We can go over them and ensure that they are best placed to be accepted by the Home Office. Incomplete documentation often leads to rejection.

Woodcock law is here to support you whenever you need guidance, services, or advice. If you want to switch your visa, apply for a different type of visa, or have questions about the steps involved, we are here to help.

Entrepreneur Visas

The Start-up and Innovator visas are for individuals who intend to set up and run their own business in the UK. We assist entrepreneurs in their successful applications of these visas.

As the Entrepreneur Visas are fairly new, there is a lot of fresh information to get to grips with. If you are wondering if your circumstances made you eligible for one, we can advise you further on the next steps.

You will need to submit various documents along with your visa application. The Entrepreneur Visas have some strict requirements; we can ensure that you are best placed to be granted the visa you want.

Bespoke service

We have extensive experience working with corporate clients of all types and sizes. Trust us to assist you in growing your business, whether you are expanding into the UK or wishing to hire foreign talent. Contact us.

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