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Temporary Worker Visas allow overseas workers to temporarily stay and work in the UK.

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Temporary Worker Visas - a quick look

The United Kingdom is a popular location for workers from other countries to come and work in. There are a range of visas available for those workers to find temporary work in the UK. They can provide excellent ways for workers to see the UK while gaining valuable work experience.

There is likely a visa that suits whatever you wish to do in the UK. We have a useful list below to help you. Once you have found the visa that suits you, we can assist you with the visa application process.

Creative Worker Visa

This is the perfect visa for someone who wants to work in a creative industry. Career examples include actors, musicians, film producers, dancers, and artists. It has the unique requirement of you needing to make a unique contribution to the UK labour market. For example, if you are internationally renowned.

Charity Worker Visa

For overseas workers who plan on doing unpaid work for a charity, the Charity Worker Visa is perfect.

Religious Worker Visa

Anyone who wants to do a job related to religious work will need a Religious Worker Visa. Job examples include working in a religious order.

Government Authorised Exchange Worker Visa

This is the perfect visa for people who want to gain work experience by working for a short time in the UK. Those who are part of an approved government authorised exchange scheme or an Overseas Government Language Programme will find this visa particularly useful.

International Agreement Worker Visa

If you have been contracted to work in a role that is covered by international law, then this visa is for you. Jobs that come under this visa include working for a government organisation, an international organisation, and as a private servant in a diplomatic household.

Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

The Overseas Domestic Worker Visa is perfect for those who are travelling to the UK with their employer for a short period of time. It is generally used by those who are domestic staff in a private household, such as cleaners or cooks. 

Seasonal Worker Visa

Workers who wish to get a job in farming as, for example, a fruit picker, would be best suited to this visa. It lasts six months, so it is perfect for a short job.

Secondment Worker Visa

If your company has made a high value investment or gained a contract, then you might want to be seconded to the UK. This is a newer visa that is part of the Global Business Mobility routes.

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