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25 January 2022

Care workers officially added to Shortage Occupation List in new Statement of Changes

It was announced earlier this year that the UK government would be adding care and home workers to the Shortage Occupation List, making them eligible to be sponsored for the Skilled Worker Route. The latest Statement of Changes, released 24 January 2021, makes provision for this, and will be effective as of 15 February 2022.
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Care workers officially added to Shortage Occupation List in new Statement of Changes


The Home Office is implementing these changes to alleviate shortages of care workers and reduce existing pressures on the UK’s health and social care system. The care industry has been in crisis for years, especially since the arrival of COVID-19 and the end of the Brexit transition period. Long hours, poor pay and benefits, and tough working conditions have led to staff shortages in this field.

Following the recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report 2021, it was agreed that a new route would be implemented for health and care workers in early 2022. 

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Update to Shortage Occupation List

The new Section of the Shortage Occupation List appears as below:

Shortage occupations which are otherwise not eligible for the Skilled Worker route

Occupation code on any further criteria Related Job Titles Shortage occupation in
England Scotland Wales N. Ireland
6145 Care workers and home carers Note: private households or individuals (other than sole traders sponsoring someone to work for their business) cannot sponsor Skilled Worker applicants.
  • Care assistant
  • Care worker
  • Carer
  • Home care assistant
  • Home carer
  • Support worker (nursing home)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Who is eligible to apply?

Skilled Worker visa applicants must have a job offer from a Home Office-approved sponsoring employer. 

What salary is required?

According to current guidance, jobs in shortage occupations must offer applicants a salary at least equal to whichever is the highest of:

  • £20,480 per year
  • £10.10 per hour

What skills are required?

Your skills for the sponsored job must be at least RQF level 3. No formal qualification is needed, but the applicant must meet the standards of the job. 

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