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30 June 2022

Free school meals extended to children of migrants with no recourse to public funds (NRPF)

The children from many migrant groups are now permanently eligible for free school meals.
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Free school meals extended to children of migrants with NRPF

The UK Government has permanently extended free school meal eligibility to all the children of migrants who live in households with no recourse to public funds.

Recently released Government guidance, explains who these groups are and how schools can verify their eligibility for free school meals (FSMs).

The move means that the children of the following groups will be now be permanently eligible for FSMs: 

  • Work visa holders 
  • Spousal visa holders 
  • Zambrano carers 
  • Student visa holders
  • Those with no immigration status
  • Families holding a BN(O) passport.

Please note: this list is non-exhaustive. The full list of eligible groups can be seen here.  

Income thresholds

Before you come to the UK, you need to check if you need a visa. Whether you do depends on your nationality; you can check if you qualify to visit without a visa here. Also, you will also need to ensure that you are able to do what you want to do whilst you’re in the UK. 

The activities not permitted as a visitor to the UK are listed below:

  • Paid or unpaid work for a UK company or as a self-employed person
  • Claim public funds
  • Live in the UK for long periods of time through frequent visits
  • Marry or register a civil partnership
  • Give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

If you wish to conduct any of the above activities, you will need a different type of visa to come to the UK.

Moreover, if you do have to apply for a standard visitor visa, then your application should be sent online no more than three months before you plan to travel. The visa costs £100 and lasts for six months.

The application for free school meals

The application form is provided to you by your child’s school on request. 

The form is designed for applicants to complete themselves, but the government recognises that individual circumstances may make this difficult. Therefore, schools are encouraged to assist with the completion of the form if it’s required. 

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