While most EU applicants can apply online to the EU Settlement Scheme, there are certain complex instances where you can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme if you are not an EU citizen. Previously, if you were applying under the Zambrano, Chen, Ibrahim, Surinder Singh and Lounes routes, you had to call the EUSS helpline and request forms to be posted to you, and then post back the forms alongside supporting documents.

Now, with the 30 June 2021 deadline rapidly approaching, we have heard reports that you can apply quicker by requesting your forms via email. You can also apply by email instead of posting your documents.

Here is a statement from the EUSS Grants Team:

With effect from Wednesday 9th June 2021 it is now possible to request paper application forms from the SRC [Settlement Resolution Centre] to be sent via email, this will hopefully speed up the process.

In addition to this, if required, it is also possible to submit a paper form via email, although this needs to be specifically requested when requesting the paper application.

Any bulk requests (no more than 10 per sheet) should be sent using the attached spreadsheet [here] with all required columns completed to EUSSGrants@homeoffice.gov.uk.

Presumably, individual emails can also be sent to this email address.

Guidance for applications

Here are guidelines for using a paper form to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme: 

You must apply on a paper form if:

  • You do not have or cannot get hold of your passport or national identity card.
  • You are not an EU, European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss citizen and you are:
  • a family member of a British citizen and you lived with them outside the UK in an EU or EEA country or Switzerland
  • a family member of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who has become a British citizen
  • a carer for a British, EU, EEA or Swiss citizen

If you are none of these, you must apply online.


Woodcock Law is experienced in providing advice and assistance on making an application under the EU Settlement Scheme, particularly in complex cases. We can assist you in making your application and help to ensure your application is processed efficiently without unnecessary delays. 

Contact us if you need any assistance on 0800 049 2471 or email info@woodcocklaw.co.uk.

* We have been unable to verify this at time of publishing with no official announcement being made on gov.uk. Please call us for advice if you need assistance.