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9 August 2022

Police Registration Scheme scrapped

The requirement for certain foreign nationals to register with the police has been scrapped with immediate effect.
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Police Registration Scheme scrapped

The requirement for certain foreign nationals to register with the police – known as the Police Registration Scheme – has been scrapped by the UK Home Office.

Under the scheme, certain foreign nationals had to register with the UK Police if they were granted six months of leave or more, and were aged 16 or over. The scrapping of the scheme means these individuals are no longer obliged to register with the police.

The change applies to those who have already registered with the police, as well as those  who have a condition to register with the police listed as part of their leave to enter or remain in the UK. 

Such individuals will also no longer be required to communicate any updates or changes to their personal details to the police. However, any change of address should be reported separately to the UK Home Office. 

If you have been granted a visa with the requirement to register, but you are still yet to travel, you will either have your visa reissued or be notified of the changes in advance of travel. 

For those individuals who have travelled with the requirement in place, and enter a police station to register, advice will be given on the changes.

If you have already paid your registration fee you will not, unfortunately, get your money back. The Home Office says that this is due to the fee being to cover the cost of administering and processing your application to register, when the requirement to register was still applicable. 

If you have booked an appointment to register, but have not yet paid the fee, you do not need to continue with the registration. 

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact the Home Office via 020 7035 4848 or

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