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21 February 2024

All new 2024 UK immigration updates we know so far

Check out our handy list of all the proposed 2024 immigration updates that have been announced. Some have already come into effect and for others, dates are still to be confirmed.
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Tower Bridge in London, to represent the capital and seat of the UK Government who introduce UK immigration updates.

Year on year, the Home Office, a UK Government body, has introduced new UK immigration updates. This affects both citizens and businesses across the UK, as well as those who wish to move here to work and live here. In 2023 and 2024 the government made the rules more stringent in an effort to decrease net migration.

Here is a useful timeline of all the UK immigration updates 2024 that have been announced so far. We will be sure to update the page once more information is released.


1 January

The first of the 2024 UK immigration updates, students starting their undergraduate or postgraduate course on or after 1 January 2024 can no longer bring their dependants.

This does not apply to those doing a PhD or long-term research.

Anyone who started before this date can still bring their dependants.


31 January

The Visitor Visa now allows for other activities such as remote work, legal services and paid engagments.

6 February

The Immigration Health Surcharge Fee is increased to:

  • £1,035 per adult per year
  • £776 per year for under 18s, Student Visas and Youth Mobilty Scheme.

13 February

Any business found to be employing illegal workers will now be fined:

  • £45,000 per worker
  • £60,000 for repeat offences

19 February

Medical Sponsor Licence holders must be registered with the ‘Care Quality Commission’ in England only.

22 February

The following countries can now enter the UK with the new ETA:

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

This is a travel permit, not a visa.


11 March

Those on a Health and Care Worker Visa will no longer be able to bring dependants


4 April

The salary threshold will increase.

Skilled Worker Visa applicants will now need to earn

  • £38,700 per year

Also, the Immigration Salary List will replace the Shortage Occupation List.


11 April

Companies with a Sponsor Licence will now only need to renew their application once every 10 years.

This will be free of charge.

Those wishing to bring their partner to the UK with a Spouse Visa will now need to earn at least:

  • £29,000 per year

31 December

Most biometric cards will expire in favour of all information being online.

Proof of right to be in the UK will no longer be proven by the card.

For now, this is the last of the UK immigration updates for 2024.

To be confirmed UK immigration updates

There is one policy we will know will be introduced this year as part of UK 2024 immigration updates, but the date is yet to be confirmed.

This change is related to the Shortage Occupation List, which will be replaced by the ‘Immigration Salary List’. Jobs that used to be on this list will no longer get reduced salary rates. 

PLEASE NOTE: the Immigration Salary List will now be officially introduced on 4 April 2024.

Additionally, the salary threshold for the Spouse Visa will be increasing even more at some point later in the year, with the final increase to £38,700 coming in 2025.

This blog will be updated as more information is announced by the UK Government.

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