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What Changes Need To Be Made (MAC report 2021)

The MAC has made some important recommendations to the UK government regarding the UK immigration system, and the UK labour market and coronavirus.

We discuss what the MAC’s role is, key points mention in this year’s report, our key takeaways from the report and how these recommendations may impact the future of the UK immigration system.


What the Nationality and Borders Bill means for YOU

The Nationality and Borders Bill has been making its way into the media headlines due to being considered controversial.

In this video, we explain what this new Nationality and Borders Bill is, why it is being introduced, what it contains and what it may mean for you. At the time of recording, the Bill has been introduced to Parliament, passed the House of Commons and is awaiting a second reading in the House of Lords.


How Divorce Could Affect Your UK Immigration Status

A relationship breakdown is hard in any circumstances. If you are on a UK visa as a partner or spouse and your relationship with your partner breaks down, then your immigration status will be affected.

Roshni, on our paralegals at Woodcock Law, explains what happens if a relationship breaks down whilst you are in the UK on a spouse visa, what options may be available to you and how you can get in contact with us.

We also cover what happens if you are a victim of domestic violence whilst you are in the UK on a spouse visa and the routes that may be available to you (Indefinite leave to remain).


Right To Work checks EXPLAINED (and how to do them)

It is really important that all UK employers carry out right to work checks. This ensures that they are hiring legally and do not accidentally employ illegal workers who do not have the right to work in the UK and/or discriminate against individuals during the hiring process.

Simran, one of our paralegals, covers what right to work checks are, what you need to check, the importance of the checks (and the consequences of not checking) and where you can access further UK government guidance.


How to AVOID hiring illegal workers

In this webinar, we cover the importance of checks during the hiring process, the notices you may receive from the Home Office if you are believed to be hiring illegal workers and the penalties (with recent statistics) that you may face if you do not comply with the correct codes of conduct.


Want to work in the UK? You need THIS!

Considering working in the UK? If you want to work at your company’s UK branch, an Intra-company visa is needed.

In this video, we discuss the two types of Intra-company visa is, the process of applying, how much they cost and which one is best for you. Stick around at the end where we give answers to some real-life questions.


Need to EXTEND your leave to enter or remain in the UK? (3C leave)

If you are close to the end of your leave to enter or remain in the UK, you may be eligible for 3C leave. 3C leave stops immigration applicants from becoming overstayers when they have an immigration application pending or an appeal or an Administrative Review pending.


TOO LATE to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme?

The EU Settlement Scheme is now closed. However, it is open for those who have reasonable grounds for late applications. We discuss the scheme’s eligibility criteria, what you are permitted to do with settled or pre-settled status, what the scheme’s application process is like and what documents are required to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

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