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18 October 2023

Changing jobs on a Skilled Worker Visa

If you are in the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa but want a career change, then you have a few options. We shall tell you what those options are.
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Changing jobs on a Skilled Worker Visa

Throughout their lives, people can change employers, jobs and career paths numerous times. It can be risky at times, but ultimately it can be for the best if someone is no longer happy in their career.

If you are in the UK and are thinking of changing jobs on a Skilled Worker Visa, you may be wondering if it is hard to swap to a new role, as your visa is tied to your job. However, you have options available to you if you plan on changing jobs on a Skilled Worker Visa.

Depending on whether you plan on doing the same job for someone else, or changing careers altogether, you will have to do slightly different things.

Changing jobs on a Skilled Worker Visa

If you plan on changing your job with your existing employer, you can easily do so on your existing Skilled Worker Visa as long as your new role has the same standard occupation code (SOC) as your current role. 

If you do this, you will not need to update your Skilled Worker Visa.

Changing employers or to a job with a different SOC code

If you plan on doing the same role for a different employer, a new role with a different SOC code, or you go from a job that is on the shortage occupation list to one that is not on it, then you will need to apply to update your Skilled Worker Visa.

If you are unsure whether your occupation is on the shortage list or has a different SOC code, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

Requirements for updating your visa after switching

If you want to switch jobs and update your Skilled Worker Visa, then you will have to meet certain requirements. These are similar to those for when you initially applied for your visa.

  • You will need to meet the minimum required salary. This should be either at least £26,200 a year, £10.75 an hour, or the going rate for your job, whichever is higher.
  • The new employer must hold a Sponsor Licence, so they can give you a new Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Your new job will need to be eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa

How to apply for an updated visa

The Government’s website has a page where you can apply to update your Skilled Worker Visa.

You can apply up to 3 months before your new job starts.

To update your visa, you will need to provide your new Certificate of Sponsorship. 

You will have to pay the fee for the visa, which is £719 per person for a three year stay, and £1,420 per person for over three years.

If you have been in the UK for less than a year, you will need to provide other documents too. For example, any valid identity documentation, such as a passport.

You will need to provide your biometric information again. This is to prove your identity and is free; it can be done through the UK Citizenship Application Services to get a biometric residence permit (BRP), or by using the UK Immigration: ID Check app to scan your identification. You will be informed of which one you will need to do.

How we can help

Our team of immigration law experts can help you with applying for a new Skilled Worker Visa, or with applying for any other type of Worker Visa.  

If you need help with your visa application, book your a 10-minute consultation today During this, you can talk to a team member about your issue, and see how they can help you. After this, you can book a longer, paid consultation that lasts either 30 minutes, or an hour. 

The team member you initially talk to will act as your point of contact whilst your case is ongoing, so you can ask them any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us today to get our expert assistance. 

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