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15 February 2024

The Skilled Worker Dependant Visa 2024: a helpful guide

It is likely that you will want to bring family members with you if you plan on coming to the UK to work long-term on a Skilled Worker worker visa. Find out how you can do this in our guide.
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Man in a hardhat, his wife and his child pictured to represent coming to the UK with a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa.

The Skilled Worker Visa is the most popular of the Worker Visa routes. It allows you to work in the UK for up to five years if you have an eligible job with a British employer. The Skilled Worker Dependant Visa is a part of this visa.

As there is a high possibility that you will be here for the full five years, it is very likely and understandable that you may want to bring your dependants, such as your partner or children, to the UK. You will not want to spend five years being unable to see your loved ones for long periods of time.

In this guide, we will tell you what you need to know about bringing your dependants to the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa.

Who can come to the UK on a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa?

Only certain family members are eligible for you to bring with you through the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • Married partner or civil partner
  • Unmarried partner if you have lived together and had a relationship for at least two years
  • Under-18 child
  • Over-18 child if they are dependant on you (in certain situations) 

Please note that children over 18 cannot be brought to the UK as a dependant, unless they turned 18 after applying. 

Additionally, over 18 dependants can only apply if they previously applied as a dependant whilst under 18. They can keep extending this visa after it has expired.

Proof of funds

Like a lot of other visas, your partner and children must have a certain amount of money available to them, so they can support themselves when they first arrive. You can also be the one who holds the money, as they are your dependants. 

You must show proof of your funds as part of your application. The ways you can prove that you have the necessary funds are:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Certificate of Sponsorship if your employer is covering your family’s costs, and this is confirmed in your certificate

For the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa, the funds are: 

  • £315 for one child
  • £200 per additional child
  • £285 for your partner

Please note that the Skilled Worker Visa application has a proof of funds requirement of £1,270. Make sure that you have this sum of money, as well as the funds required for the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa. 

One of you must have had the money available for 28 consecutive days, with the 28th day being within 31 days of when you or your dependants apply. 

If your dependants are not applying at the same time as you, then they will only need to prove they have enough funds if they have been in the UK for less than a year.

Proof of identity

One requirement for the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa application is that your dependants must prove their identity. During the application process, they will be told what they will need to do.

To prove their identity, they will need to do one of the following:

  • Provide their biometric information at a visa application centre to get a biometric residence permit; for example, their fingerprints and a photograph
  • Scan their documents using the UK Immigration: ID Check app

How to apply from outside the UK

If you are applying for the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa from outside of the UK, then you can apply online. 

Dependants will need the application number of the main Skilled Worker Visa applicant to be able to apply, which is called a ‘Unique Application Number’ or a ‘Global Web Form’. The number will be on emails and letters from the Home Office. 

Additionally, there is another code that you may be given called a ‘family linking code’ which allows you to link all of your applications together.

Every dependant must apply separately, as well as pay an application fee. The fees for dependants are currently the same as the fees for the Skilled Worker Visa itself.

The application fees from outside of the UK are:

  • £719 per person for three years or less
  • £1,420 per person for over three years
  • £551 for three years or less for a job on the Shortage Occupation List 
  • £1,084 for over three years for a job on the Shortage Occupation List
You will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is currently £1,035 if you are over 18, and £776 for those under 18.

Once the application has been completed with all of the above being done, as well as proof of identity and proof of funds being submitted, it should take around three weeks for a decision to be made.

How to apply from inside the UK

If you are switching to a Skilled Worker Visa, or just extending your existing one, then your dependants will need to apply with you. 

It is possible that you can include your dependants on your own application, but they may have to make their own separate application. Your application form will tell you whether this is possible or not.

Dependants who have to apply separately will need to either apply at the same time as you, or before their current visa expires. Their existing visas will be valid until expiry, so they do not need to worry about you switching your visa causing their dependant visa to be cancelled. 

It should be noted that certain visas do not allow your dependants to switch to a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa. These are:

They also cannot switch if they are on immigration bail, or if they were allowed to stay in the UK outside the immigration rules.

Once the application has been completed, with all of your dependant’s proof of identity and proof of funds being submitted, a decision will be reached within around eight weeks.

What can you do on a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa?

Once your dependants have successfully applied, they will be given a list of things they can and cannot do on their visa. 

The things they can do includes:

  • Work (except as a sportsperson or coach)
  • Study
  • Travel overseas and return to the UK
  • Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain once they have lived in the UK for five combined years on eligible visas

However, dependants cannot apply for benefits as they have
no recourse to public funds. They also cannot get a state pension.

How we can help

Our expert immigration law team can help you with your application for a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa. 

You can arrange a 10-minute free consultation to discuss your needs with a team member, who will act as your point of contact if you decide to go ahead with using our services.

Once you have had your 10-minute consultation, you can arrange a longer, paid consultation that will last either 30 minutes, or an hour.

Get in touch today if you need any help with your Skilled Worker Dependant Visa application.

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