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20 June 2022

Ukrainian students in Scotland granted free tuition

Ukrainian nationals have been granted the same free tuition permissions as settled residents. This means that displaced Ukrainian students who have settled in Scotland are able to access free university tuition and living cost support.
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Ukrainian students in Scotland granted free tuition

It’s hoped that the rules, recently introduced by the Scottish Government, will mean that the country is better educated and skilled in the future, as well as playing a role in the production of successful individuals. 

The new developments come after the UK Governments allowed Ukrainian nationals to have free access to NHS services.  

The alterations, which were made to the residency criteria for eligibility to student support in Scotland, allow Ukrianians access to the same help and support that is available to international students who have formally settled in the UK.

The changes allow Ukrainians who wish to study a higher education course to do so for free for the 2022-23 academic year. The scheme also means that Ukrainians will be eligible for living support – provided they have submitted an application to one of the UK’s Ukraine Visa schemes.

Current Ukrainian students who are experiencing hardship are also eligible to apply for immediate financial assistance through a new International Students’ Emergency Fund. 

The updates mean eligible students can access free tuition and living cost support of up to £8,100 per year in the form of grants, bursaries, and loans. Those entering college in further education are eligible for grants of up to £4,668 each year.

The new additions to the rules come after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Since the war began, millions of Ukrainian nationals have fled the country into the safe countries around europe. The UK’s Ukraine visas are designed to offer sanctuary to those fleeing the war.

More information on the UK’s Ukraine Visas can be found here:

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