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21 December 2023

Woodcock Law and Notary Public Christmas 2023 and early 2024 opening hours

Many of our staff are resting with their family over the next two weeks and taking annual leave between Christmas and the new year. Double-check our opening times here.
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Woodcock Law and Notary Public opening times

From Friday 22 December 2023 many staff will be taking a well-deserved break. This means our services will be reduced, and our availability will change. 

The London FCDO office has also altered its opening hours, so apostille services will also be affected. You can read about that here.

Here are the Woodcock Law and Notary Public opening times from Friday 22 December to Tuesday 9 January 2024.

Please bear with us during this period. There may be a small delay in communication due to staff annual leave. Thank you for your understanding.

DateOpening times
Friday 22 December Last full working day of all staff.
Monday 25 DecemberCLOSED
Tuesday 26 DecemberCLOSED
Wednesday 27 December

Open as usual 

9am – 5pm

Thursday 28 December

Open as usual

9am – 5pm

Friday 29 December

Open as usual

9am – 5pm

Monday 1 JanuaryCLOSED
Tuesday 2 January onwards

Open as usual

9am – 5pm


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