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20 June 2023

New eligibility checker tool for those seeking a UK Skilled Worker Visa

The UK government has launched a new tool that allows individuals to check whether they are eligible for the UK Skilled Worker Visa
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What is new?

The Skilled Worker Eligibility Checker is a handy tool for prospective employers and employees. This tool allows them to determine if a specific job falls under the Skilled Worker category. By using this Skilled Worker points calculator tool, workers can get an idea of their eligibility before they submit their visa application.

The Skilled Worker Eligibility Checker can be accessed on the UK government’s website and it is a quick and straightforward process.

It is important to note that this tool is not a guarantee of a successful visa application under the Skilled Worker route. There may be other requirements that must be met, which are not taken into consideration by this tool.

What is a Skilled Worker visa?

The Skilled Worker Visa allows foreign workers to live in the UK to work an eligible job with an approved employer. This visa replaced the Tier 2 (General) Work Visa. We discuss the visa in further detail here.

What can I do on the Skilled Worker visa

There are a number of things that you can and cannot do whilst you are in the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa. If your application is successful, you will get a full list of what you can and cannot do with a Skilled Worker Visa.

Read our full Skilled Worker Visa guide here.

What is the eligibility criteria?

To qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa you must meet the following criteria:

  • Work for an approved UK employer
  • Have a ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ from your employer, stating information about the job role you have been offered in the UK
  • Must do a job that is on the list of eligible occupations
  • Get paid minimum salary – this can vary depending on the type of work that is done


Specifics vary depending on the type of work you will do while you are in the UK. 

How to check if my job will be eligible for work in the UK

Job occupations have their own 4-digit occupation code. When you receive your occupation code from your employer, you will be able to check if your job is eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa.

If you have not been offered a job but want to know if a prospective job is eligible for the visa, you can search for job occupation codes using the ONS occupation coding tool. Ensure that you are specific with the job information as similar jobs have different codes, and thus varying eligibility.

The document of eligible jobs is available here.

What is an approved UK employer?

You cannot apply for a Skilled Worker Visa unless you have a job offer from an approved UK employer. Approved employers are also known as sponsors. The list of approved UK employers can be seen here.

Employers can apply for a Sponsor Licence in order to become approved by the Home Office.

What if I already have a job offer from an approved UK employer?

An approved employer will give eligible employees a ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ to prove your eligibility.

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